What will happen to my birds when I move?

Robbikal Adlim Saturday, November 23, 2013
I found your blog while I was searching for advice about mourning doves. I'm moving to a new place and I have several pairs of doves at my current home. How do I stop feeding them? I'm really worried about what will happen to them when I leave.

A lot of people like the mournful coo the Mourning Dove’s common name reflects. However despite their sad song and fragile look, the Mourning Dove is a swift, direct flier whose wings often whistle as they cut through the air at a high speed.

They are the most abundant and widespread native bird in North America helped by the human-induced changes to the landscape. And if the feeder is empty they’ll look for other sources. Studies show that the birds you see in your yard only eat about 20% of their meals at feeders.

Birds are survivors and won't starve when you move. They usually follow a circuit each day, visiting a number of feeding areas. If there is no food in your area, you will just be left off their foraging circuit.

Doves aren't picky eaters. There are lots of natural sources of food like nut or berry bushes and native weed and flowers seeds that stand through the winter. These provide food for a lot of birds.

You could also leave a bag a seed for the new owners of your home to continue feeding if you like. We have several new customers that begin feeding because the previous homeowner has left the bird feeding set up for them to feed their birds.

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