Matheran...Monsoons and Railways

Morning Express

Along the wind-swept platform, pinched and white,

The travellers stand in pools of wintry light,

Offering themselves to morn’s long slanting arrows.

The train’s due; porters trundle laden barrows.

The train steams in, volleying resplendent clouds

Of sun-blown vapour. Hither and about,

Scared people hurry, storming the doors in crowds.

The officials seem to waken with a shout,

Resolved to hoist and plunder; some to the vans

Leap; others rumble the milk in gleaming cans.

Boys, indolent-eyed, from baskets leaning back,

Question each face; a man with a hammer steals

Stooping from coach to coach; with clang and clack,

Touches and tests, and listens to the wheels.

Guard sounds a warning whistle, points to the clock

With brandished flag, and on his folded flock

Claps the last door: the monster grunts; ‘Enough!’

Tightening his load of links with pant and puff.

Under the arch, then forth into blue day;

Glide the processional windows on their way,

And glimpse the stately folk who sit at ease

To view the world like kings taking the seas

In prosperous weather: drifting banners tell

Their progress to the counties; with them goes

The clamour of their journeying; while those

Who sped them stand to wave a last farewell.

A poem written by:


Taken from

Tamhini Ghat in Monsoons

Route Followed:
Pune-Pirangut-Paud-Mulshi-Tamhini Ghat
Back to Pune on the same route.
Total Kms-Around 200 kms(both ways)
Please note that Petrol Pump is only avaialable at Pirangut. There are no ATMs on this route.