Kansbahal Dam near Rourkela

Contrasting...vibrant colours of Kansbahal Dam

Hardly,4 kms from Kansbahal and 30 kms from Rourkela is Kansbahal Dam. This dam has been constructed by Irrigation Department of Orissa and is only for Irrigation purpose. This Sunday ,my department people at Larsen & Toubro went to have an outing at the place. Having got bored with Chicken and Mutton dishes,we planned to have only fish gourmet . But to my surprise I didn’t find a single fisher man boating in the area.So, it was good that we did carry full ration of Prawns,Rohu and Kerandi(Karandi) fish from Rourkela.

Where is the Boatman???....I want to sail free

I wish.... its Green and Blue every where....

There is a huge patch of forest which touches dam waters and sprawls over,covering places like Kuchinda and Bonai. Its full of wild elephants and at times cases of Elephants feasting on nearby paddy fields have been heard off.

Time captured in Lens...

Ripples......Don't exist here

Being winters,there was huge rush of picnickers all around the place.But ,we did manage to find a secluded place covered with greenery all around. Just a small descend will take you to the Dam waters and all the photographs that you are seeing have been captured in that place only. There are small small islands every where and I wish I could have gone to those ones. Since,we didn’t find any boat man ,we could not do that. But,if you are lucky enough,then one of the boats of near by villagers can be hired for a pleasant boat ride.

Did, I notice ripples???.....perhaps imagination

Collected firewood over there and we prepared a good fish curry and steamed rice. And not to forget the wild dance of Mothi alias ANNA,Jayram Das aka JRD,R K Mishra alias Sir(we call him Saaaaaaaare),never ending sarcastic comments of Murali Pattnayak aka Pattu Bhai to add to the flavour.Oooooooooh I forgot our other gang members ….fellow Ex-PGTs (now extinct species in L & T)both Amits,the cook-Raj and ever smiling Nanda Babu aka Nands….Though, we missed our big boss RSS.

Marooned Island....Waiting to be explored

But ,terrible thing ………and I go on repeating that we need to respect nature and some how people in this part of the region lack civic sense. You will find all around plastic bags and bottles……just disgusting.We are lucky that living freely in a country like India is taken for granted and we go on harming mother nature. I wish,I can go on visiting schools and colleges and tell students the ways of protecting nature as it is. That’s where basic love for nature and its gifts can be understood.This thoughts have been the gift of studying at IMDR,Pune. Though,I did my post graduation in Management,but beautifully designed courses on Science &Technology and Ecology has created a sense of indebtedness towards mother nature. But why this subject in Human Resource Management at IMDR??????.........EXPERIENTIAL Learning Man…. EXPERIENTIAL Learning…………………….Hats off IMDR.

How to Reach Kansbahal Dam:

Reach Kansbahal which is about 20 kms from Rourkela on State Highway 10 (Rourkela to Sambalpur …popularly known as L&T road).Take a left turn and road will lead to L & T Residential Colony and then reach Kansbahal Railway Station. A right turn (near the Railway Cabin)before the station will lead straight to the Dam.Its hardly 5 kms from the SH-10.

Best Time to Visit: November- February