Railways- An integral part of Barundai

Old Station Hut no more exists

I can go on sitting over here

My favourite geometrical figure

Ruins of Old Railway men's Colony

They make India move safely

And who can forget the Gang Leader

Last Days

Has to go on waving flags--on and on

Branch Line to Eternity as described by Bill Aitken

My Day comes to an end....

Sunset at Malgudi of Orissa- Baitarani Road

Near Khajuri Nalua

Yeh jo desh mera....swadesh mera

Here we go off ...river Baitarani at Makundpur



Sun is about to set

Orange sky

Temple on Kendujhargarh side

Afternoon in Malgudi of Orissa - Baitarani Road

This is my property

Meri gaya......

Lehrati yeh hawayen...


Nimigadiya Sahi( Settlement)

Raghu Mamu's House

Maa Tarini...

Now thats what I call a "pose"

Fog and Mist at Malgudi of Orissa- Baitarani Road

Ready to work
Dew drops on the Flowers

Centre of Attraction
On the Backyard
All green
Ghost House
Colours of Village
Road to Barundai
Cozy Place to be in
Blanket of Fog
Morning mist adding to the glory of Lotus